Maggie’s Going to New York!

Maggie’s Going to
New York!

Maggie Marched at Macy’s!

She worked hard and had a great time! They stopped directly in front of her mom and friends on the route! You can watch her mom’s livestream on Facebook!

It was the coldest Thanksgiving NYC has seen in over a hundred years! Brrrr! The band bought everyone earmuffs! Mom bought Maggie a second set of thermals while in NYC! She almost couldn’t fit her feet in her shoes with a second pair of socks.

Her saxophone will have to get tuned up because when she took off the mouthpiece/neck there was ice built up in it! Eep!

Now to head home and start fundraising for next year!

Maggie’s in New York!

She’s having a great time working with the band and hanging out in Manhattan!

They’ve spent time in Times Square, went to Stardust Diner (pic) and saw WICKED on Broadway!

If you’re watching the parade on CBS, she’s the far right marcher in the next to last line.

If you’re watching on NBC, she starts in the second row on the far right when they reach Herald Square!

Check out (or “follow”) her mom’s Facebook profile where we’ll try to livestream or will post video later of them marching by on 6th Avenue!

Thanks to KY3 for their coverage! Check out the story by clicking here!

Thanks to the Springfield Newsleader for their article! Check it out by clicking here!

She’s been invited back next year – and possibly in 2020 for the first Macy’s Great American Marching Band Alumni Band! For fundraising opportunities and donation information, please see the fundraising page!

The Story

Republic junior Maggie Moncado has been invited to join Macy’s Great American Marching Band in the 92nd Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Coming from all fifty states, a total of 185 high school musicians, along with 40 color guard/dancers, are selected for this honor.

She will travel to New York the Saturday before Thanksgiving and spend the next several days training with others from around the country before marching in the parade on Thanksgiving Day. They will also have the opportunity to sightsee and take in a Broadway show.

As a sophomore, Maggie was first chair tenor saxophone in the symphonic (varsity) band as well as first chair in Jazz Band B. She took solos to the state competition her freshman and sophomore year, and was first alternate for district band her sophomore year. She is a member of the Republic Community Band, works part-time at Chick-fil-A on S. Glenstone, and plans to pursue a career in music as a high school band director.

Fundraising opportunities can be found on the fundraising page.

Donations are being accepted via Paypal at this link.

Thanks to Republic Tiger Sports for the “Off the Field” spotlight!

Send Maggie to New York!